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My notes/doodles from the lectures over the last 2 weeks have been uploaded to Flickr. And my notes on Made to Stick will follow over the next few days. Enjoy.



10 2011

Take Note

In a previous post about doodling I stated that I am a doodler and that I have started to adopt this method into my note taking (above). After years of doodling on the side of the page and not focusing on my classes, it seems a more productive method to merge the two. This is resulting in some creative and interesting outcomes, which has grabbed a fair few admirers recently including our visiting lecturers.

As a result of the interest and to back up my notes I will be posting all of my doodles onto Flickr. If anyone is interested, have a peak and click  View Notes (well doodles). Enjoy.



10 2011

Doodling Good or Bad?

Whats your opinion? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but as a serial doodler I’m all for people learning through sketches and drawings. This talk from Sunni Brown shows that the art of doodling is seen in a very poor light, in-fact the word itself has no real positive definition. Even though it can be seen as a key factor in how we learn and communicate (just look at cavemen for instance).

As already stated I love to doodle and often use them as part of my lecture notes (as shown here from a recent lecture). Despite the fact it can often look like I’m not listening and just drawing away. I personally find that doodling helps me retain information, spark creative thinking and also help me relax. But whats your opinion?

For great examples of talks being visualised by doodling have a look at these RSAnimate videos, which I’ll be posting about later. 



09 2011

This why Dundee is the place to be

DJCAD is the home of good design, hope you all agree.



12 2010

Stop Motion Research

OK video time has arrived. We are supposed to test out our film making abilities and make a small 30-90sec film about our project. So in planning my storyboard I decided to do some research and these are what i found. The Tony vs. Paul video (above), the PEN story, this Carphone Warehouse AD and this famous students post-it video. Very good watching.



10 2010