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Dance Your Phd

Why get bogged down in diagrams? for year as human we have been communicating without them we have been communicating through actions so why not tell a story through dance? John Bohannon & Black Label Movement present a talk with a difference “Dance Your Ph.D.” is fantastic talk demonstrating how the art of dance can be used to help explain the complex world of science. And if it works for science why not for other difficult subjects?

This method is extremely effective in demonstrating movement and function which is something images and graphs struggle with. However equally I find it hard to see how this method could be used to show statistical data therefore this method resides more in the storytelling side of the infographic spectrum.

One of the key issues addressed in this talk is about how bad power-points and I assume by extension infographics are costing the country ridiculous amounts of money. It is far too common to see a person trying to dazzle the audience with images rather than relevant facts or data. This needs to change but is dance the way forward? or will this method become as mislead as traditional visual infographics?



02 2012

Little Time

Tick Tock, So the count down begins with only today left the team focused on getting the presentation finished. Even with Dougie away at work, he has , managed to contribute by printing off the final boards, Katharina, Junying and Claire worked away on their speaking parts and I started to merge the board and power point graphics, so they look the same.
Today was really about finalising the presentation and despite a few glitches here and there by the end of the day we had some nice looking boards, a finished power point and a lot of information to talk about. With a little practising tomorrow we should be ready.


Visual Time

Boards, Boards, Boards. Today was a slow day, the layout of the boards was a huge challenge, which my brain did not want to handle. But trying a number of different themes and layouts finally conquered the problem. (sketches below)

Today was much like yesterday with the group just trying to get on with the presentation and refine the content. Hopefully there will be more exciting things to share tomorrow.

However we did manage to take some fun team photos.


The Warm-up

Another day, more preparations. We started to plan out our trip to Ladybank and also our tasks for the week.


After a team discussion and a small wrestling match, we set out our interview questions and mapped out our observation plan. Dougie also made up some badges for us (strangely similar to Snook’s design research badges) and I made up a sign to engage the public if we struggle to get attention. Now it’s just time to get a good rest and set out on our team adventure to Laybank tomorrow.

Here is the map layout : MAP2

Interview Questions:

Observation Timetable:


Back to the Drawing Board


The start of another week here in DJCAD and time to get to work. Today we followed the advice we got after the “pitch” and tried to narrow down our research question. This is essential to focus our methods and tasks for the next week. Whiteboard time…

 We eventually refined the question to:

What is your journey to get fuel?

This way we can focus on what the user thinks and does when they get fuel. We hope to get this from asking interview questions along the lines of:

Did you use the local petrol station when it was open?

Where do you go for petrol now?

Has this added to your daily or weekly mileage or do you plan a visit to the petrol station when you are en route to other places?

To get the answers to these questions we aim to interview the public in Ladybank on Wednesday and also get some people to keep a fuel diary, showing where they got their fuel and what they did on the journey. We will refine the details of our questions and the other tasks tomorrow but that’s it for today.


Take Note

In a previous post about doodling I stated that I am a doodler and that I have started to adopt this method into my note taking (above). After years of doodling on the side of the page and not focusing on my classes, it seems a more productive method to merge the two. This is resulting in some creative and interesting outcomes, which has grabbed a fair few admirers recently including our visiting lecturers.

As a result of the interest and to back up my notes I will be posting all of my doodles onto Flickr. If anyone is interested, have a peak and click  View Notes (well doodles). Enjoy.



10 2011

Doodling Good or Bad?

Whats your opinion? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but as a serial doodler I’m all for people learning through sketches and drawings. This talk from Sunni Brown shows that the art of doodling is seen in a very poor light, in-fact the word itself has no real positive definition. Even though it can be seen as a key factor in how we learn and communicate (just look at cavemen for instance).

As already stated I love to doodle and often use them as part of my lecture notes (as shown here from a recent lecture). Despite the fact it can often look like I’m not listening and just drawing away. I personally find that doodling helps me retain information, spark creative thinking and also help me relax. But whats your opinion?

For great examples of talks being visualised by doodling have a look at these RSAnimate videos, which I’ll be posting about later. 



09 2011


This is the latest awesome video from Polynoid. If you have a love of brilliant videos or animations I’d check out these guys at work. They are a team from Germany consisting of Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Fabian Pross and Tom Weber. Their previous video “Loom” (shown below) was featured on Geekologie and received great reviews. Enjoy.

Loom from Polynoid on Vimeo.



09 2011

Popitin Shoe Company


“Made with a kiss in every stitch.” Popitin Shoe Company is up and running , situated in Glasgow Popitin offer a beautiful range of soft leather baby shoes, that are just perfect for tiny toes.

This company not only offers a quality product but offered fellow student Jonathan Robson and myself the chance to get our first commissioned design. The companies lovely owner go in contact with us about designing the Popitin company logo (shown below).

We’d like to thank Popitin for this opportunity and hope you will visit there site for some lovely little shoes.



01 2011

This why Dundee is the place to be

DJCAD is the home of good design, hope you all agree.



12 2010