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Bupa Healthcare

This is the latest Bupa advert with the key piece of information being to tell the users about the services that Bupa offer. I saw this and thought it was an interesting but subtle change of direction from their previous adverts (below). Although I’d say the idea and story framework are the same the way they are presented shows a different level of importance around the key messages.

It’s clear that Bupa want to present themselves as a people company and the new version shows this, I mean how much more human and personal can you get than having an senior citizen recalling his life and telling you about the impact Bupa has on that now. Both are very people centred and both are about a persons life and how Bupa can fit into that. However as stated there is a difference between them.

The first story is told by the user and presented from a personal and human point of view, the use of an actor allows you to connect with the person and see this company as all about individual people. The visual illustrations allow you to again connect with the person’s story but also because they are vague and open it allows the user to imagine themselves in these situation and see how these stories can link to them. Which in turns shows how Bupa and their services can link to them. The order of  the message presented  in this advert seems to be that, First – Bupa are about people and then Bupa are about quality services.

The older version is presented in a different format with the story being told through a basic shape styled animation. This format allows the viewer to focus on the story and not the images which helps the message but detracts from the human element of the story. It is also told through a narrator which further detaches the story from the viewer resulting in different perception being presented about Bupa. In this version of the advert it seems to be all about the services and their quality, the story is just there to help ad some realism to the services. It’s not a big difference but in my opinion it shows how a change or presentation format even slightly can change what message get priority.



02 2012

Popitin Shoe Company


“Made with a kiss in every stitch.” Popitin Shoe Company is up and running , situated in Glasgow Popitin offer a beautiful range of soft leather baby shoes, that are just perfect for tiny toes.

This company not only offers a quality product but offered fellow student Jonathan Robson and myself the chance to get our first commissioned design. The companies lovely owner go in contact with us about designing the Popitin company logo (shown below).

We’d like to thank Popitin for this opportunity and hope you will visit there site for some lovely little shoes.



01 2011

My Favourite Company

I found this company last year and i swear these guys are geniuses. Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R are brilliant growing company which focus on creating BRAND ENERGY. They strive to be recognised for their creativity and effectiveness. RKCR/Y&R have worked with huge companies (such as M&S, BBC, Premier Inn and VIRGIN) to made some of the best adverts around today. I love this companies work, would be great to be able to work with them or for them someday….

Hey I can dream. Check out there website (RKCR/Y&R) for some cool work and one of the best web designs i’ve seen in ages, enjoy.



10 2010

Who wants to be a Millionaire?… I DO!

Business Start

Also with the fourth year main project comes the minor option, this could have been taken as Dissertation, Engineering or Business. I’ve chosen the latter.

The Business Module consists of:

  • a Report
  • a Final Pitch Presentation 


The course is based around the NESTA booklet, which tries to enhance the use of innovation and design thinking in business. Helping prospective business men and women, to create, plan and launch successful business ideas.

The world of business is moving faster than ever, the digital era and advances in society have resulted in a world where companies don’t just have to move with the times they have to move with the trends.  Design and innovation are becoming key to success in business, all companies need to change plan for tomorrow as none can survive off of what they did yesterday.

“ innovation has always been a key to success, now it’s essential to survival” (George Cox)

With this in mind, I felt it is essential to gain more of a foothold into the workings of the world of business.

The next stage is to present my business idea



10 2010

Our Goals

So the start of 4th yearbegan with some light self reflection work. To help us decide where we want to go and who we want to be. The activities lead by Pete Thomas, were laid out to help us create a vague timeline plan for the next few years. The first task was to look into the future and see where we thought we’d be in 3 years time, looking into the specifics of Career, Finance, Education, Family, Location, Friends and Pleasure. After that we looked again at the same field but in a years time and finally in 3 months time. The reason for this was to see what little current task we could do to try and plot our way to the 3 year goal.

“we cannot plan and guarantee where we will all be in 3 years time, but we can try and increase our chances of getting there by doing the initial work now”

My Goals

3 years – I see myself working in a business or design firm with hopefully no debts. I hope to have my degree and maybe an extra qualification or two. Id still like to live in Scotland and keep in close contact with my family and old friends. With hopefully enough time to relax, enjoy music and play the odd game of football.

1 year -I aim to have finished my degree, and have my CV out in circulation. Id hope to be on my way to getting my driving licence and build finance through working to cancel my debt. My skill in speaking and time management would also hopefully have improved allowing me to work more efficiently so i can fit in more time to socialise and relax.

3months -I hope to be on my way to the one year goals by creating planners to organise my time better, to work hard on my degree projects and create or participate in research workshops. My CV/portfolio should be getting refined and help improve me chances of getting a job.



10 2010